~ Our Team ~

Georgia Family-Building Attorneys

The attorneys at Claiborne & Fox, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, and satellite office in Savannah, are your complete family-building attorneys. We can assist you with adoption, assisted reproductive technologies, guardianship, and comprehensive estate planning. Ruth Claiborne, Amy Wallas Fox, and William Claiborne each have a strong interest in the laws that affect adoption and assisted reproductive technologies in Georgia and across the nation. We pride ourselves on progressively working with a diverse clientele including non-traditional as well as traditional families. We are happy to help interracial couples, single parents, gay or lesbian couples, and a wide variety of age ranges fulfill their dreams of building their families through surrogacy. We evaluate cases and clients on an individual basis, free of arbitrary requirements.

Our lawyers are also well aware of the specific challenges that accompany interstate adoptions. Claiborne & Fox, LLC works closely with state and federal adoption authorities to facilitate adoptions that are regulated by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). The Interstate Compact can be very confusing and its requirements are stringent. It is helpful to have an attorney familiar with the interstate adoption process to help you navigate the ICPC so that your family can come home as soon as possible.

We invite you to learn more about our attorneys and how we can help you build your family by reading the information below. Then contact our office to schedule a consultation. The sooner we start discussing your options, the sooner we can take action toward meeting your goals.